speciality seafood Rinaldi Al Quirinale

Highly exclusive environment, where elegance takes centre stage with red roses and candles. With a prestigious wine cellar, to best accompany a refined dinner, whether it's with fresh fish or meat for traditional cuisine. The best of land and sea.

The restaurant is a must visit for world leaders, from Queen Rania of Jordan to former Presidents Ciampi and Napolitano.

The location can also be booked for private functions, from business meetings, to exclusive parties, Weddings and receptions.

Your menu may include different specialities, including also luxury foods such as oysters, shellfish, lobsters, caviar, but also porcini mushrooms and truffles.

A choice of six different rooms, fresh fish, meat, mushrooms, truffles. A wine cellar with over 3500 wine labels, champagne, and liqueurs including whisky, brandy, cognac, and grappa.

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